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Invisible People Documentary on SELAH’s Work

September 1, 2020

I’ve been an enormous fan of Mark Horvath’s Invisible People for many years; his simple, minimalist interviews with people experiencing homelessness are incredibly empathy generators, putting a human face on the issue and helping the average person connect with people who are so often invisible to us.

That’s why I was incredibly honored to speak about SELAH in Mark’s new YouTube documentary about our work helping our unhoused neighbors:

In SELAH, we do community engagement, checking in on our unhoused neighbors, dropping off food and water, and helping them with other daily needs such as getting ID or registering for housing. When I first started volunteering with SELAH, I was a little intimidated by the idea, but after a year of going out every week, getting to know the folks living outdoors in my neighborhood, and helping them not just survive but make their way into housing, it’s something I can’t imagine not doing.

If you live in LA and want to get involved, visit SELAH’s website to check out our volunteer opportunities, or donate money or resources.

Don’t live in LA? Try doing an engagement in your own community – even just handing out water bottles to your unhoused neighbors and asking “How are you today?” can make a huge difference. The wall that stops us from helping each other is an illusion – your actions can bring it down.