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The Time 100 NEXT list

I’m stunned and grateful to have been selected for Time Magazine’s 100 NEXT list for 2023 alongside so many incredible leaders and artists (including Ice Spice!! Ice Spice!!) Thank you to whoever the hell made this happen, and to Mike Schur for writing such kind words.

Adam Pickets Everything

I’m flattered by this wonderful profile by Alex Press in Jacobin of our work during the writers’ strike.

I was also quoted extensively in this terrific piece by Brian Merchant in the LA Times, one of my favorite breakdowns of the causes of the strike.

The public support for the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes has been overwhelming, and we’re so grateful for it. As always, if you want to show your support, consider donating to the Entertainment Community Fund.

New Tour Dates Added!

Just Added: I’m taking my new hour of standup comedy to Buffalo, NY and Providence, RI! Ticket links below:

See you there!

A.I. is B.S.

In case you missed it, a few weeks back I released a new YouTube monologue called A.I. is B.S.

If you enjoyed it, consider supporting me on Patreon. Your donations enable me to continue making videos like these and to pay the crew who makes them with me.

Factually is Now on YouTube!

Now that we’re in a video-equipped studio, I’m publishing new episodes of Factually direct to my YouTube channel! Check out this recent episode, a dissection of the tech hype cycle with Folding Ideas’ Dan Olson:

New Video! Why Mergers Are Destroying America

My new YouTube video essay, Why Mergers Are Destroying America, is live now! And in case you missed it, here’s my last video, Elon Musk Is An Idiot (And So Are Zuck and SBF):

I’m overwhelmed by the positive response to these videos: The first two videos I posted racked up millions of views in just a few days, and we added half a million subscribers to my YouTube channel. Expect more in the coming year!

New Video: Why There’s No Such Thing as a Good Billionaire

I just released a new video on YouTube, in which I explain how the Patagonia dude avoided paying billions in taxes, why allowing billionaires to hoard power is terrible for the planet, and how the wealthy use their money to buy the public’s love. Take a watch!

JUST ADDED: San Diego and Portland!

Thanks to everyone who’s come out to the tour so far; it’s been amazing meeting you. We just added dates in San Diego and Portland – come out!

San Diego tickets

Portland tickets

🚨 I’m Going on Tour This Summer! ☀️

This summer, I’m touring a brand new hour of standup across the country. I’ve been working on this material for months now, and I can’t wait for you to see it. And if you come to a show, I WILL take a selfie with you afterwards. That’s the Adam Conover Guarantee. Click here for tickets!

I Wrote About the LA Marathon for Defector

I was honored to write a piece for Defector, my favorite blog, about running the Los Angeles Marathon, my personal catharsis, and how former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt ruined it for everyone in the name of profit:

So why on Earth would the LA Marathon opt to dismember its own course, turning what could be a world-class civic event into a revolting slog through a hilly office park, when all they saved was a few extra bucks? I propose that it’s the same reason a baseball owner cuts payroll instead of investing in players who could bring his team a winning record, making it beloved in the minds of its fans, and lifting the spirits of an entire city. And it’s the same reason the politicians who control the LA Metro system voted to cut bus service, when expanding public transportation for the working class would be the single most cost-effective way to expand the city’s economy and achieve its climate goals. The billionaires and elected officials who run our vital institutions don’t care that investments, maintenance, and improvements would benefit everyone, themselves included. Instead, they’d rather cut costs and maximize short-term profit at our expense. Why would they do anything else? They’re making money, and that means they’re right.

Click here to read the whole piece.

The G Word is Streaming Now on Netflix

I couldn’t be more thrilled that The G Word is finally streaming on Netflix. Our incredible team worked for three years to bring you this never-before-seen look behind the scenes of American government. I fly through a hurricane with the Air Force’s Hurricane Hunters, pull back the curtain on where our meat comes from, and meet some truly inspiring citizens who are changing their city government for the better. I can’t wait for you to see it. Click here to watch now!

The G Word Trailer is Here!

I’m so excited to finally share the trailer for my new docu-comedy series, The G Word. We spent 3 years researching, writing, and filming around the US to pull back the curtain on our government. All 6 episodes drop worldwide on Netflix on May 19th! I can’t wait for you to see it. Click here to set a reminder on your Netflix account.

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Join Adam's Patreon for exclusive Bonus Episodes, Adam's Book Club, Adam's Private Blog, Standup, and more!