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New Adam Ruins Everything Segment – Everyone Leaves Black People Out of the Gun Debate
December 4, 2018

Adam Ruins Everything is back with all new episodes airing every Tuesday night at 10pm on TruTV! And you know what that means — new full segments of the show are going up on YouTube! This first is from our season premiere, Adam Ruins Guns: “Everyone Leaves Black People Out of the Gun Debate.”

I’m incredibly proud of this segment, and am enormously grateful to Rasheda Crockett, Sam Roudman, head writer Alison Zeidman, head of research Natalie Shure, and the rest of our creative team for doing such amazing work with one of the most difficult topics we’ve ever done. Not to mention the funny and heartfelt performances by Punkie Johnson, Landry Allbright, and Rick Overton, and Tim Wilkime’s fine directing. Hope you enjoy, and come back every week for more new episodes!

My Interview with Larry King
December 4, 2018

It was a great honor to appear on Larry King Now and be mercilessly grilled by the broadcasting legend himself. Larry is a great sport, and I had a blast. Check out the interview above!