Adam Conover

Hi, I'm Adam Conover.

I'm a comedian, and the creator and host of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV, a series I began at CollegeHumor. Here's a collection of clips from the show!

I blog and I tweet. I also do a weekly videogame playcast called FAVE GAME where I play games with funny people and record it. If you like gaming and laughing, you should watch it.

I host a weekly standup show at UCB Sunset in LA called Fresh Out! You should come. It's cheap, and features some of the best comics in the country.

Here are a few more sketches I've either written or starred in:

I am also the creator of a serious and inspirational photoblog called Humans of Los Angeles.

Finally, I've been a member of the comedy group Olde English for many years. Our feature film The Exquisite Corpse Project is available to download or stream now. It's a difficult movie to describe, but everyone who sees it really loves it.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of facts about me.

Management: Joel Zadak, Principato-Young Entertainment